Sunday, 21 August 2011

Moscow March 2006

I visited Moscow back in March 2006 for a long weekend. My wife was working about 4 hours drive to the south in a town called Voronetz and we met in a Holiday Inn to the north of Red Square.

                                                   Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin

Not a good start to the visit as KLM lost my bag at Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport, though they did arrive safely 24 hours later. There was deep snow on the ground and the themperature around -6 Celsius as I remember it.

                                                          Outside Red Square

Although we visited several places the highlight was a tour around the Kremlin and its numerous cathedrals. The name 'Kremlin' means a fort and there are many around Russia, though the name is normally applied to the one in Moscow. The Kremlin is basically a town within a city and would have been self sufficient in times of old. Today it houses the duma, the Russian parliament as well as other important buildings.

                                                                      The Duma

The cathedrals inside the Kremlin are fantastic. Some were the personal places of the Czars and consequently are highly decorated. I took some pictures inside but they do not do justice to the decorations. All are of the Russian Orthodox religion.

                                                        Interior of a cathedral

In a moment of madness I took my coat off and had my picture taken in front of St basil's Cathedral at the end of Red Square. It was snowing and cold, the reason why was because I was wearing a T shirt of a friend who owns a haulage company. On his web site are pictures from around the globe of people wearing these shirts with his logo on. The things I do for mates.....!!

                                                     Your author in front of St Basils's

Well worth a visit. Becoming commercialised with many western goods in the shops. Still good value places to eat though. An experience well worth trying for those who like something different. Recommended.

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