Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Green Hut

A bit of a departure in this topic as it is about a roadside cafe! The Green Hut has been open a number of years situated at a place known as Forest Corner. It serves an excellent cooked breakfast amongst other meals from around 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

                                                                  The Green Hut

It is popular with motorists, walkers and cyclists alike and has internal as well as outside seating available. When I cycle in the Sherwood area  I often call in for a coffee and a bacon 'banjo' (a bacon roll so called as it is large and round like a banjo, and when you drop crumbs down your front, the action of flicking them off looks like someone playing a banjo). I also call in with the wife frequently for a breakfast when out and about in the area.

                                                        Rear view from the Green Hut

The area to the rear of the cafe is known as Bilhaugh. This is one of the 2 ancient areas of Sherwood that remain. Also close by on the opposite side of the road is the area known as Sherwood heath which is on the edge of the other area known as Birklands (where the visitors centre is situated a couple of miles away. A very nice place to eat, drink and gaze on the scenery when the weather is good!

                                                    Panoramic view of the Green Hut

I have nothing to do with the Green hut whatsoever, I am just putting it here on the blog as a place I like to visit. If you wish to call in for a brew and a banjo, you will find it on the A616 Ollerton to Worksop road about 200 yards north of the A614/616/6075 roundabout known locally as Ollerton Island.

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