Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Marrakech Souk

As well as posting about the area I live in and around, I thought i would put some articles in about the places I have travelled to over the years. I have been really lucky with work as it often means  travelling around the planet. It has allowed me to visit many places over the last 21 years working with my company. At the last count the total, number of countries visited is in excess of 45, many on multiple occasions.

                                          A rear view of me on one of the streets in the souk

I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East over the years, so my wife and I had a short holiday in Marrakech, Morocco in 2010. We didn't venture much further than the souk (market) in the city centre as it was a 'flop and drop' break spent mostly by the pool. I am often drawn to souks as I am fascinated by the sights, smell, range of goods on sale and the general ambience.

The souk is fairly typical of those in other parts of North Africa offering leather goods and local spices. Kitchenware and clothing are also popular commodities sold here.

                                                  One of the many entrances to the souk

There are a myriad of streets, tightly packed shops and dim lanes to entice you in. It is very easy to get lost and disorientated. You can wander around for hours and not re-visit a stall that you have seen before. There is much hustle and bustle with many traders trying to entice you into their shops. Very reminiscent of the souk in Tunis (Tunisia) but without the same pressure to buy.

                                      Traditional rugs and carpets on one of the wider streets

I have to say that nothing caught my eye, however, the wife left with a couple of pairs of good quality suede slippers at a good price. Having brought back various trinkets from the Arab world there was nothing here that I haven't seen in other countries (call me tight with my money). For those of you living in Europe (and further afield too) who have never sample the Arabic world Morocco is an excellent place to start. Recommended if you fancy something a bit different to the Mediterranean resorts or Tenerife.

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